Pajama Dressing Beyond the Bedroom

by - 9:00 AM

All photos taken by the lovely Stef <3

The day I decided to build an eco-conscious wardrobe, I mentally high-fived myself and was beaming ear to ear. My inner animated soul (think Lizzie McGuire) was doing multiple cartwheels.

"I feel good!" little animated me crowed. "I think I can make a difference!"
Then February turned to March, the temperatures sky-rocketed, and the winter layers were discarded. More open coats around NY = greater outfit inspiration. And boy, was I inspired.

"I bet I could style a pajama top," bemoaned little animated me. Maybe in the past, I could hop on over to the mall and pick up a blouse under $20. But no! I made a commitment. A new shirt would make little old me happy, but the guilt of where it came from would eat away at me. I was raised Catholic. I know a thing or two about guilt.

An article from Man Repeller  helped me re-evaluate my closet and give value to the pieces I already owned. I realized I could style a pajama top because I recently saw one in my closet!

Ok, so it was technically my sister's closet. But there are no boundaries with sisters when it comes to closets- that's a rule. To distract from the fact that this is actually sleepwear apparel, I've added a black coat for a note of sophistication. Tucked into jeans and paired with heeled booties, it almost passes for a regular top. But the little pink piping around the edges adds just the right amount of whimsy.

Another tiny victory taken for the team. I don't have to sit out on trends because I'm not buying new clothes as constantly as I had been. I challenge you to resurrect your love for an old piece in your wardrobe. Maybe there are other current trends hidden deep in your closet (or your sister's) that you could be trying out soon.

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