Over-the-Knee Boot Outfit Inspiration

by - 9:00 AM

Sixty degree weather in the middle of February can make you do crazy things. It motivated me to leave my house looking like I forgot to put pants on.  It also, apparently, made me forget about the filth that lines these NYC streets.  You see me reaching to flick something off of my heel?  Direct result of too much sunlight.

Leather Jacket: Zara
Button-up: Ralph Lauren 
I could not believe the amount of people I saw walking around barelegged this weekend. As psyched as I was about the temporary break from the cold, I couldn't tease myself with summer ready outfits just yet. I gave in a little bit with these sheer tights, but wore thigh high socks underneath for added warmth.
Over the Knee boots: Chinese Laundry
Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Shorts: Forever 21
I paired the boots with an oversized white button-up (Or button down? Does anybody actually know which term is correct?) I felt the proportions of the shirt alone with the boots lengthened my 5'3" frame, so I chose shorts that wouldn't take away from the look.

Lastly, I threw on a leather jacket and a crossbody bag for a nice pop of color. Classic, everyday pieces like these really tie a look together and let the shoes remain the statement piece.    

Hope I was able to provide you with some outfit inspo when styling your OTK boots! 

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