Rethinking the Tweed Jacket

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I would have never gotten into thrifting if I hadn't been such a loner as a freshman in college.  My fall semester was defined by many sunny afternoons wasted indoors on Tumblr and playing Tetris set to dubstep music (I go to ONE frat party and suddenly I can't stop listening to Skrillex.)  When I couldn't take another 'How I Met Your Mother' gif1 or ran out of energy to play Tetris2, I turned to Youtube.  My suite mate got me into watching YouTube videos of beauty vloggers. Before then, I had only known YouTube to be a place for viral one-offs.  A whole other realm of the online video sphere opened up for me.  Once I discovered fashion YouTubers, I was hooked.

Clothes Encounters
 and Sunbeamsjess  were the two channels that really inspired me expand my style horizons.  I wanted a way to experiment without breaking the bank, so I turned to thrifting.  The first secondhand thing I ever bought was a velvet long-sleeved dress from eBay.  The most recent thing I've purchased was this jacket from Goodwill.  

Jacket: Goodwill
Top: Forever21

Another man's trash is another woman's 'Holy-crap-this-is-just-the-jacket-I-need' moment.  I'm assuming this is a man's coat because the sizing is a foreign concept to me.  A 10M?? Was it for a large torso-ed man with very short arms?  Or a tall person with normal arms, but liked his sleeves short?  Whatever the case, it fits me just fine.   

Pants: Uniqlo

I've been in the market for a statement jacket to spruce up my winter outerwear look.  I didn't think I could pull off a faux-fur bomber or multi-patterned coat.  The differing textures and subtle pattern of a tweed jacket became my solution to changing it up.       

Shoes: adidas Stan Smiths

The jacket could read Grandpa very easily, so I stayed true to my youth with pair of casual white sneakers.  Still waiting to look as fierce as this gal, tbh

  via +Man Repeller 

1 At least every other post on my feed was a gif of Neil Patrick Harris and his insane 'Bro Code.' I didn't watch the show nor understood the irony at the time, so I was far from impressed.
2 Not actual physical energy. Facebook's Tetris gave you around two hours of gameplay before you had to stop and let it recharge. Otherwise I could have played well into my Sophomore year

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