Working Metallics into a Daytime Look

by - 5:38 PM

If I were to look at this from the POV of a tourist, I would come off as very strange. Here I stand, posing in front of nothing historically significant, and avoiding the gaze of a camera lens.

For the most part, this section of the city was void of any passerby. All the crowds and celebration were over in Chinatown for the new year. Even so, I held a tiny, nagging worry of disrupting someone trying to go about their day. I'm perched a bit above the sidewalk, blocking absolutely no one- yet I was still getting anxious. I feared becoming the douchebag poised atop his car in the middle of traffic. And we've all seen the end of that scenario.

Jacket: Laundry by Shelli Segal
Boots: Fabianelli

People that did walk by, however, were ultimately uninterested. Which just goes to prove that 1) I'm literally the only person standing in my way and 2) I'm just as self-absorbed as my father had feared. That's a dig at myself- you can laugh. Or you can nod in agreement behind your screen and continue judging me.

Turtleneck: Banana Republic
I even winked at a tourist.  It was nothing but an affirmation that I'm comfortable embracing my truest, dorkiest self.  I don't think she even saw the wink. And to be honest it felt more like the kind of meek, fluttery, one-eyed blink a dog might accidentally make BUT YOU SWEAR it was a wink.   

Tights: boohoo

Having friends as supportive as Stef really help with eliminating self-doubt.  She is my Oprah-adjacent encouraging me to living my best life.  Plus she's not afraid to clap back at the male hecklers offering feedback when no feedback was necessary!!  Be your own best advocate, but also surround yourself with people who make you feel more unique and special than a sparkly pair of tights.     

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