Fishnet Tight Trend

by - 12:00 PM

Boots & Jeans: Gap 
Sweater: H&M 

(Post brought to you while shamelessly bumping 'Come Down' by Anderson .Paak in the background)

I should have been playing 'Never Say Never' by Justin  Bieber in preparation for this post.  But I cannot stand the pre-pubescent voice of JBiebes.  Too much whine and not enough soul for me.  

*Cue the die-hard Bieber fans defending his honor in the comments*  
*JK I don't have a readership yet but one day I'll have haters to deal with*
*Or they'll come out of the woodwork now because it seriously takes me too long to get to a point*

Two years ago, I deleted my Youtube account the second someone recognized me on the street.  It was filled with look books and thrift hauls.  I spent hours exporting files on Final Cut Pro.  I crashed my hard drive because of those videos.  I never thought I'd be going back to sharing my outfits with the world on the internet.  Yet, here I am...

Backpack: A. Bellucci
Coat: Calvin Klein

Bless my mother for her wonderful taste in pretty much everything.  She may have purchased this coat for herself, but soft gray of it was always meant for me.  I popped the collar because a friend told me thats how the Europeans do it- and ya'll know that besides Brexit, the Europeans can do no wrong.  The backpack is a random gift from my mother.  I stated that I was on the lookout for a leather backpack and days later it magically appeared.  Like I said, bless that woman.

Here's the part of the outfit I was most excited about: the fishnet tights.  As a tap dancer from ages 6-12, I'd grown accustomed to wearing fishnets for every dance recital.  Like the ballerinas in their pale pink tights and the jazz dancers with their knee pads, fishnets were our unique calling card.  And with our satisfyingly noisy shoes, I liked to think we ran the show.  

I went thrifting today with my dear friend Stefanie, who has a blog too :)  She introduced me to the world of outlet thrift shopping.  I got this amazing tweed duster coat, a soft af multi-textured Banana Republic sweater, an AA high-waisted skirt, and ASOS high-waisted cutoffs- all for $5.07!  (This time it is okay for me to brag about prices because four pieces for a little over five bucks is so dang cheap.)  Future posts will highlight these pieces, so stay tuned!

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